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Easy to Purchase Pre-Owned Bags of Designer Labels

Not every fashion conscious consumer can afford a designer item constantly if they are just average earners. However, they can rejoice today with the growing opportunities to secure more designer bags at a lower price with pre-owned bags. This is a golden opportunity for fashionistas to get a chance to own designer bags albeit used ones.

However, there are many consumers who may not want to keep their designer items too long especially when it is out of season. These deeply sated fashion conscious individuals would not mind giving up their less frequently used designer bags for a fraction of the original cost to purchase the latest model. There is great savings for them with this option than to have the out-of-season bag or shoes lying in the closet.

Consignment shopping

A new trend of shopping has emerged; consignment shopping is abuzz in many developed countries where boutiques are taking on good condition pre-owned bags to be sold at a lower price.

There are many upscale consignment shops around the city such as East Greenwich, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Resale boutiques are mushrooming with the growing popularity of consignment shopping.

Interesting features are incorporated with consignment shopping where consumers can earn points for cash back rebates. Loyalty spending programs with established and approved credit or debit cards are developed to eliminate cumbersome punch card or coupon features.

More innovative consignment shops offer a rewards program to drive in more customers with holiday shopping seasons. Extra pre-owned bags, shoes and clothing are stocked up during such occasions to cater to the quick snapping up with as much as 80% discounts off original retail prices.

Consumer options

With the plethora of consumer options in consignment shopping, more and more consumers can enjoy designer bags, shoes and clothing more frequently today, even if these items are pre-owned. They are sold at a lower cost which eases the financial load of consumers. Hence, it is not surprising that consignment stores are booming in their business.

Consumers love the shopping options available to them with consignment shopping. To top off the convenience is online consignment option where consumers can pick out their choice of pre-owned designer bags and shoes without leaving their home. They can shop at any time or day from anywhere without worrying about the weather, parking or finding the boutique. But it would be a matter of ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis for the online rush of designer items.

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Options to Sell off Used Handbags

Most ladies would use a handbag for some occasion while many use one all the time whenever they go out. There is a plethora of items which a lady would not be caught without; hence, the important function of a handbag. While many would enjoy the myriad of handbags available in the market, there are those who want only designer bags. However, these are more costly than fakes or lower brands.

One of the ways to secure designer bags is to consider used or pre-owned bags. Used handbags of various designer labels are commonly sold in the market today by those who have them but do not use them often as there are always new models in the market. Some consumers are just collectors of designer bags until they have no choice but to give older models away; if not, they can sell off as used handbags to consignment stores.

Sales options

There are a couple of options in selling designer handbags. One can sell off their used bags directly to resale boutiques quickly or put them through consign stores for more cash.

A direct sale of any premier designer bag to any resale boutique is a great option to get rid of the bag quickly for fast cash. Any local consignor can drop the handbag for an evaluation of price while out-of-state customers may opt for an online quote. The bag can be evaluated and authenticated in a couple of days where an estimate of 25%-30% price tag is offered. If the price is acceptable by the consignor, the payment would be made by check or via Paypal.

The alternative option of sales on used bags would be through consignment if the consumer is not in a rush for the money. Consignment sales usually earn more cash if the handbag is unique and in excellent condition. Consign stores may pay a 60/40 split on high quality used designer bags. Consignors would enjoy 60% of the final sales price. There may be certain terms and conditions of sales which the consignor should be aware of in such sales.

Designer brands

There is usually a long list of designer labels on used handbags which are acceptable by established and reputable consignment stores. These labels include Chanel, Chloe, Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Fendi, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Celine, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and others.

All used bags must be in good conditions; if not excellent. There may be certain restrictions on various bags to be accepted for consignment.

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